Doll Quilts



Our artfully hand crafted Doll size quilts are created as "one-of-a-kind"

just like our large bed quilts!  Each one of our Doll size quilts is completely reversible

and comes with a coordinated fabric pillow which is also completely reversible!

This gives each and every one of our Long Meadow Farms Quilts Doll quilts

FOUR different possible looks for the price of one!

Each of our individually Vermont USA crafted quilts is signed by the artisan!

Our quality crafted in Vermont USA Doll Quilts are made specifically to fit the average

size "American Girl Doll" size doll, but will also keep a smaller or a slightly larger

doll nice and cozy and snuggly in their beds too.  Since each is unique, it would make

a truly appreciated heirloom gift for that little girl in your life!



New patterns and new colors are always being created at Long Meadow Farms Quilts

so check back often to view what the new arrivals are!

The quilts range from 16 X 16 inches, 16 X 18 inches, and 17 X 19 inches

depending on the pattern used.  All quilts and all pillows are completely reversible and

both are machine washable.


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Long Meadow Farms Quilts pieced and quilted American Girl Size


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These two are "Sisters" quilts, the same fabrics with a slight difference for those "Sisters" dolls!!!



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