Our artfully hand crafted DreamCatchers are fabric wrapped in "themes", such as

 'Watermelon' or 'Rainbow Swirl', etc., are lovely to look at and are a beautiful addition

 to any wall anywhere!     Because they are hand crafted with an assortment of beads,

 shells, feathers and such, no two are exactly alike!

The tale is: the nightmares are attracted to the web and cling to the beads, but dry out

 and blow away with the morning sun, and the good dreams are attracted to the crystal

 in the center, and drip back down into the dreamers' head through the feathers, to be

 enjoyed again and again!   These are for decorative use only (not toys to be played

 with by children) as they are fragile and breakable.

Some are constructed with cotton twine, some with jute and others with monofilament

 line, and all knotted joints are hot-glued for safety. They make beautiful wall accents

 in any room!  Quality crafted in Newport, Vermont USA!!!


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