VT Made Pieced & Quilted



Oven Mitts



by long meadow farms


These superior design Oven Mitts are a Beautiful

addition to any Kitchen Decor!!!


Extra Long...Extra Thick...Extra Beautiful!!!


Each oven mitt is several inches longer than the standard, giving


you more safe arm coverage for reaching into the oven to retrieve a


casserole or baked good.  Their unique design offers the same quality


five layers of cotton batting in the hand portion of the mitt whether you


use it on your left hand or your right...the 5 layers of cotton batting are


exactly where you need them, regardless of which hand you use!!!

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Some of the Oven Mitts also have matching Potholders available!


These superior quality VT Patchwork Quilted Oven mitts  


are currently available at our retail store 


and online at HandmadeCatalog through the link below:







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Last Updated July 20, 2011