Parlor and Lap (or Crib) Quilts




Wonderful for on your lap while reading or watching TV, around your shoulders


on the porch, or just on the sofa or rocking chair as an accent, these lovely


quilts are machine washable and each unique and signed by the artist. These


versatile sized quilts may also be hung on the wall with drapery hooks and a


cafe style curtain rod as a work of art for any room!  Quality crafted in Vermont USA!


Parlor size quilts come in many different patterns.  I make them in Log Cabin Pattern, Bargello Pattern,


Morning Star Pattern, Rail Fence Pattern, Bear Paw pattern and Churndash Pattern at the moment.  


As I delve into more varied and interesting patterns, I will be adding them to my repertoire!


Crib Size Quilts



(These quilts would also make wonderful Parlor and Lap Quilts,


as they are the same size as a Crib Quilt!)






Crib size quilts created in the "Country Squares" pattern 


are the same size as the Lap and Parlor Quilts and many of the Crib size quilts 


have specialty adorable baby-type backings which set them apart from a Lap Quilt!


To view details on any of the above Crib Quilts simply click on the picture!!!


To view the available Parlor and Lap quilts on hand in the Bargello Pattern, click HERE!



Here are more Parlor and Lap size that would make a wonderful Crib Quilt for that new little one!!!




To view the additional available Parlor and Lap quilts on hand in only the Log Cabin Pattern, click HERE!





All of these are now available at Long Meadow Farms at! 


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