Quilted Tea Cozies


by long meadow farms

These Quilted Tea Cozies are each

quality crafted in Vermont USA!  Each is a

unique beauty, lined with 2 layers of Pure Cotton Batting

 on the inside and a layer of 10 ounce Polyester batting on

 the outside, these Tea Cozies do the job properly and 

are a truly beautiful addition to any  and every Bridge

 Game or Tea Party or High Tea experience! 


Each Long Meadow Farms quilted Tea Cozy is created with a tri-layer of batting to keep your tea hot!

There are three sizes of Tea Cozies offered, Large, Medium and Small.  


The examples of the three sizes of tea pots shown, are a representation of the three sizes of quilted 

Tea Cozies offered by Long Meadow Farms.   The Large size is approximately 10 inches high by 15

 inches wide, the Medium size is approximately 9 1/2 inches high by 14 inches wide, and 

the Small size is approximately 9 inches high by 13 inches wide.

All three sizes are lined with a "Tea" color floral cotton fabric, in order to prolong the usability 

of each Tea Cozy between machine washings!!!


Each is lined with a double (2) layer of Cotton Batting 

next to a 10 Ounce Poly Batting for extra heat duty!

All seams are fashioned to the inside, with NO exposed seams for easy machine washing!!!

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SMALL sized Quilted Tea Cozies by Long Meadow Farms:



MEDIUM sized Quilted Tea Cosies by Long Meadow Farms:


LARGE sized Quilted Tea Cozies by Long Meadow Farms:



Some of the Tea Cozies also have color coordinated Coaster sets  and Table Centers  available!


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